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Tear Off & Disposal at Wilmington City Roofing

Tear Off in Progress Cleaning the Roof Surface Roof Top

Wilmington City Roofing is one of the remaining roofing contractors who prides ourselves on removing expired and old existing built up problem roof systems before applying the new roof solution. So many companies recover over layers and layers of existing moisture trapped in the roofing and earn your business because its a less expensive process. The majority of the times whether it is a Residential or Commercial property, the owner has not been educated about their roof system and has no idea that there is trapped moisture existing between the layers of roofing and or decking.You may not have interior leaking, but the real damage is being done between these layers. This is so very important to remove the existing roofing, inspect and replace any decking and insulation as needed.

Many times the entire roof sheeting is expired as well. Once this process is completed, we are able to install your new roof system. We are finding roofs that were installed over the past few years, and that were installed over layers of existing roofing, have trapped moisture between them. This has created massive condensation, mold and serious health issues in some cases. These roofs are having to be torn off and disposed of and of course replaced again. This cost's the property owner twice as much to do it correctly the second time.

As you can see, Wilmington City Roofing  knows its not pretty and its not always the most enjoyable thing to do, however its the right thing to do. Let us help you do it right the first time and save you money in the short term as well as for years to come. We look forward to serving and working with you not for you on your next roof project.