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Tear Off & Disposal at Wilmington City Roofing

Tear Off in Progress Cleaning the Roof Surface Roof Top

Tear Off and Disposal in Wilmington, DE

Learn more about the trapped moisture that could be within the layers of your existing flat roofing and the proper methods for tear-off and disposal in Wilmington, DE. Wilmington City Roofing goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are given the right roofing for their home or establishment, and that starts with the right approach to the removal of old materials. 

To save time and money, some roofing companies resort to cutting corners during the installation process. They install new layers of flat roofing on top of existing sheets of modified materials, and that usually leads to moisture and condensation becoming trapped between layers. Although you may not have a leak, you still have a significant problem that will cost you more down the road when it’s eventually discovered. 

Removing Existing Roofing 

Our focus on removing the existing layers of roofing may not be pretty, but it can save you a great deal of expense in the future. We understand how to dispose of this material the correct way, so we can efficiently complete projects on your terms and keep our work area as clean and tidy as possible. 

Installing a Torch Down Rubber Roof

Residential customers and commercial clients have come to rely on our team for the installation of flat roof insulation. Our installation process focuses on minimizing the moisture retained by the roofing to protect against the spread of mold and mildew. Start a conversation with our team about the condition of your roofing. We’re ready to send out a team that delivers solutions for the future and beyond.