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Wilmington City Roofing offers 24-hour emergency roofing services for residents and businesses in Wilmington City and the surrounding areas.
Please contact Warren the owner of Wilmington City Roofing your flat top roofing specialist since 1996.

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About Us at Wilmington City Roofing


"Total replacement with new TPO Roof System and not a single leak. Great company to work with."
- Mark Velteli

"Our roof was leaking after every rain, storm or shower. Now we have zero leaks; great price also."
- Mark Eastwood

" Keeping us dry at plant with repair work, from 15 Leaks to now Completely Leak Free "
- Pat Gleason

"We are very Impressed with your company and look forward to working with Wilmington city roofing  in the Future"
- Frank & Carol Cammarata

"They are Professional, Courteous, and Reasonable. I'd Recommend them to anyone without blinking an eye"
John Wilkins

"Located and Stopped all Fifteen ( 15 ) Leaks with Repair Work"
- Mike Holder

"Roof looks great; more importantly, NO LEAKS!"
- Dave Nessel

"Wilmington City Roofing has been successfully repairing our roof leaks for two (2) years. Next Year we plan to have new roofs installed with your company"
- Jim Wherry

"Very pleased with the services you have provided us"
- Colleen Weber

"I appreciate the great communication and quality workmanship"
- Jack Strick

"We had about 6 - 7 Leaks and after all the rain in 2009, we stayed Leak Free, Thanks"
- Kris Summers

Professional Roofing Company in Wilmington, DE 

As a locally licensed and insured roofing company in Wilmington, DE, Wilmington City Roofing provides services for flat roofs throughout the area. We offer installation, repair, and replacement to ensure your commercial or residential flat roof is ready to protect your property from the elements.

New Installations

Whether you are building a new home or updating the roof of your office building, we take care of the installation project. Our commercial and home roofing experts have the skills and expertise required to successfully layout and attach your new roof to your property.

By installing a flat roof, you will be able to make better use of the space on top of your building. For example, you can easily install HVAC units to help with your home's temperature control. Additionally, solar panels are less noticeable on a flat roof, meaning you can install them without interfering with the aesthetic of your home or office.

Furthermore, a flat roof installation is typically the more cost-effective roofing option. This is thanks to how much easier it is to work on and maintain a flat surface compared to a sloped one. 

Maintaining Your Roof

In addition to providing new roofs, our company also offers services to maintain your existing flat-top surfaces. This includes regularly testing the integrity of the roof for leaks, and patching areas when needed. We also provide fresh, topcoats and resealing to extend the life span of your roof. Our technicians always use Henry’s Energy Efficient aluminum silver coat when applying this topcoat. This helps to improve the efficiency of your home or business. 

So, when you need reliable flat-top roofing solutions for your property, trust our team to take care of the work. We always take care of all the maintenance your roof needs.

Complete Guarantee 

When our team inspects, repairs or installs your roof, they will always document their work with digital photos. This helps to let you see the progression of the work being done on your roof, as well as giving you peace of mind that the project is completed correctly. 

Additionally, on all of our new residential and commercial roofing installation, we provide a 20-year written guarantee of the work. This way if there are any serious problems with your roof our team will take care of the repairs for you.

Contact us when you need a roofing company to repair or install a flat roof on your home or business. We proudly serve Wilmington, DE, and the surrounding areas.

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For all your Flattop Roofing needs, please contact Warren, the owner at Wilmington City Roofing, for a no-obligation-free roofing estimate.

800 Industrial Street,
Wilmington, DE 19801

(302) 691-9139

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Monday – Saturday: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
24/7 Emergency Services Available

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Based in Wilmington, Delaware,
& Serving Clients Throughout New Castle County

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